Monday, April 30, 2012

HaTeX 3.3: Release notes

I was really really wishing this release! I put a lot of efforts on it and now I feel pretty good! All right, let's see quickly what's new. A list of changes is contained in the package source distribution, in the ReleaseNotes file.

Class system

Where are all those .Monad modules? They are missing!

Yes, yes. There is not .Monad modules now! Instead, there is a new class: LaTeXC. Both LaTeX and LaTeXT are instances of it, so a single module can contain both interfaces. More details in a previous post.


I have a tree in Haskell and I want to print it nicely. What can I do?

Now you can use HaTeX! How? Simple. Use directly the tree type defined in HaTeX or transform the one you have to it, choose a function to render the nodes and, finally, use the tree function to obtain the LaTeX code that prints the tree.

The HaTeX User's Guide

Finally I wrote a guide for HaTeX! At least, a stub of the guide.  And I made it open source! So you can contribute also to the guide!

I will change it, extend it and improve it all the time. A ready-to-read PDF version is also available.

Till the next time

I am going to continue working improving the library and the guide. I think HaTeX has reached a point of more stability. Good news, I guess. Now, I hope you enjoy these changes. I will write here any news.

Good luck,
Daniel Díaz.

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