Monday, August 5, 2013

Processing: Key events

After being thinking and then hacking on processing yesterday, now key events are alive. After implement the feature, and add access to it from the interactiveFigure function, I wrote a code example to see it working. It was really helpful since it showed up some bugs I was not aware of. For example, variable numbers contained in conditionals were wrong. I have uploaded to Hackage a new version fixing this bug (and some other) and with the new feature of key events. Probably, we will find more bugs in the feature. In the meanwhile, please, update to the new version.

I post here the output of the key events demo (code here). Click over the canvas to make it work. Press W to move the black square up, A for left, S for down and D for right.

To interact with keys using the simple interface, use the interactiveFigure function. There is an argument of type [(Key, w -> w)] to handle key events. Each pair included in the list will specify a key, and the transformation over the current state that particular key does. As simple as that.

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